Inclusion Web Modules

The Spirit of Inclusion

in-clu-sion (in-kloo-zhun), n- an attitude and approach that seeks to ensure that every person, regardless of ability or background, can meaningfully participate in all aspects of life.

Respecting differences and cultivating a commitment to inclusion is an important part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Volunteers like you play the largest and most important role in ensuring that all girls feel safe, welcome and valued in Girl Scouting. Fostering diversity is a critical part of ensuring the success of every girl in your troop or group.

As a Girl Scout Leader you already make adaptations and modifications to meet the individual needs of each girl to help her succeed. As a Movement, we want all girls to get the most out of their Girl Scouting experience to the best of her ability, which is difference for every girl. The Inclusion trainings and following web modules will provide you insight and guidance to ensure that every girl you work with has a meaningful Girl Scout experience.

Online Learning available:

For Training information, please contact Ellen Pott at or (520) 319-3151.


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