Girl Volunteer Corps Helping out the Homeless

By Kristi Pallack

When you hear the words ‘knitting’ and ‘circle’ together you probably imagine a bunch of old women, most likely in rocking chairs,  knitting doilies and making ugly Christmas sweaters. Am I right?


Get that out of your head and let’s start fresh. Now imagine 21 teenage girls sitting around a table knitting hats. No doilies or ugly sweaters here, these girls mean business! The Girl Volunteer Corps is a girl only club that makes Southern Arizona a better place. This past weekend, on October 27th, 21 young ladies from around the greater Tucson area came together with one mission: to make as many hats as they could for the homeless.

But okay, wait. Teenage girls care about the homeless? You bet they do! And even more, they are doing something about it. Realizing that the temperatures are dropping at night already, the girls knew that there must be cold people out there, trying to stay warm. Using their creativity and awesomeness, the girls made 24 hats that will be handed out with an additional 52 hats made by other girls. Most of the girls will continue to make hats at home and bring them in to distribute to the homeless during a ride along with a local soup kitchen.

They make to give. They make to share. They make to connect with others. Girls are using their hands and hearts to make a statement, change the world, and build community. 

knitter.jpgknitter3.jpg knitter6.jpg

Coming up in November, the girls are teaming up with the Hermitage Cat Shelter to create an exercise room for overweight and sick kitties. Want to get involved? Join our Facebook Group and stay up to date with the latest projects and volunteer opportunities.

The Girl Volunteer Corps engages, empowers, and motivates girls to take action in their communities, creating sustainable change for the future. For more information and to get involved, contact Kristi Pallack, Service Learning Coordinator, at

29, 2013


Those are great looking hats! Keep 'em comin' !

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