Body Love

There is a movement that is growing and gaining strength surrounding body love in our community.  Women are and girls are being encouraged to love themselves the way they are!  Imagine not looking at yourself in the mirror and immediately feeling shame. We want that for our girls don't we?

Tucson has some amazing champions for this movement that have worked hard to put together a Body Love Conference coming up April 5th.  It is great to see Huffington Post recognizing Jes Baker and Jade Beall for their efforts.  They worked together on a series of photographs and quotes featuring inter-generational groups of women including Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona's very own, Desiree Gonzales.


"I need body love because by deeply loving my body, I am holding space for for the women in my four generations to step into self-love." -- Socorro, age 65

"I need body love because it is essential to my being that I live fully and freely." -- Anna, age 42

"I need body love because I am an evolving and infinite miracle that is deserving of my unconditional affection." --Desiree, age 22

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20, 2014


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