• The True Value of Water

    By David Modeer, General Manager, Central Arizona Project The growing conversation regarding climate change – or at least the changes in weather patterns around the globe and throughout the U.S. – has led to a changed understanding about the value of water to both individuals and businesses. When you add the drought experienced in the West to the significant floods in other parts of the country, you start to understand why this change is taking place.     Our interest in water has gone beyond whether water is available when you turn on your faucet to get a drink, water your lawn or brush your teeth. There is now a greater understanding of the broad value of water. Water has become much more of an interest to everybody and influences decision making with regard to starting, expanding or…

    22 2014
  • GEMS of STEM

    Hi, my name is Michelle Higgins. I am on staff with the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona and I am passionate about bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, experiences to girls and women of all ages. I have degrees in mathematics and physics and am working on a PhD in gender and the mathematics classroom. I often talk with adults who want to know how to get their girls excited in STEM when they themselves are not a science or math person.  So, I wanted to share some exemplary practices from the SciGirls Seven as a first step in engaging girls in STEM. You might notice that they sound familiar to the three Girl Scout leadership keys - Discover, Connect and Take Action- and the three processes -  Girl-Led, Learn by Doing, and Cooperative learning - from the Girl Sc…

    15 2014
  • Silver Award Boot Camp!

    As you may know, one of the best parts about being a Cadette Girl Scout is earning a Silver Award!  You get to look at your community through the lens of leadership, and use your resources to make an empowered change on an issue that you are passionate about.  So what better way to earn this prestigious award than with other likeminded leaders? This month, fourteen of our go-getter Cadettes signed up for the EPIC 5 day adventure at Silver Award Boot Camp!  The girls spent the first few days earning the MEdia Journey; They analyzed how young girls and women are represented in today’s media, and discussed the ways in which the media can be a help AND a hindrance to our daily lives.  After their research, the girls felt empowered to complete a Take Action Project by sharing their newfoun…

    12 2014
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