• Girl Scouts Go Sonoran!

    By Liz Baker, M.S. STEM SpecialistWe Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona are incredibly lucky to live in one of the most unique areas of the planet.  We share our homes with plants and animals that can only live in this region, and that others travel thousands of miles to see.  But when you live in the desert and see these creatures every day, it is easy to forget just how special they are, and how big of an effect we humans have on them.  Over 150 of our Girl Scouts changed all that at our first annual Sonoran Naturalists event Saturday, November 16th . Girls embarked on a desert adventure with their troops and families to earn their Naturalist Series Badge at Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum.  Each level followed a different journey through the Museum, exploring plants, ants, pollinators, and …

    19 2013
  • Raising Healthy Sons

    Raising Healthy Sons Saturday November 23, 2013 9:00 am - 12:00pm FREE! Want to raise your son to be the kind of man you’d want your child to marry? Generous, strong, confident, fair-minded, responsible, kind, and committed to justice & equality for all? Tim Wernette, Gender Equity Educator will address Gender Stereotypes/Messages for Boys: The Good, Bad & Ugly; Earl Hipp, Author of "Man-Making"; and member of Desert Men’s Council discusses Mentoring & Initiation: Powerful and Important and Pediatrician, Author; AZ Daily Star Columnist Marilyn Heins, MD will offer ParenTips for Raising Boys in Today’s World. Register Here!

    18 2013
  • Thinking of our Sisters in the Philippines: A Note from our CEO

    Dear Sister Girl Scouts: I imagine many of you have seen the news and the pictures of the devastation in the Philippines. Did you know many of our sister Girl Scouts have been impacted.  As Girl Scouts, we want to help! The best way for us to join together to truly make a difference is to raise money for the relief efforts. Super Kristi has suggestions for you. We will send all of our funds together so Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona show we care!  OMH,  Debbie When hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and other disasters strike, a Girl Scout’s first thought is, “How can I help?” It’s important to have a thoughtful plan so that you can give people what they really need during a stressful and scary time. People often immediately send clothing and cans of food to disaster areas. They want …

    11 2013
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