• How to succeed at [insert anything here]

    by Super Kristi Recently, our CEO Debbie Rich was honored with a 2013 Women of Influence Award from Inside Tucson business. Since 2004, they’ve honored women who have a significant effect on the Tucson community.  They’re a special group of women who are looked up to by thousands of women and girls in the Tucson area and beyond. During their acceptance speeches, each woman was asked what advice they’d give to a young woman just beginning her career. They all had terrific answers of course, and I’ve compiled the highlights for you here in hopes that it will be useful as you launch your 2014 Cookie Program. As you can imagine, there were some overlapping themes leading me to conclude that these are things all successful women should do. Play well with others You know that team assignment…

    26 2013
  • 900 Girls Welcomed to Girl Scouting

    by Super Kristi Being a Girl Scout is one of those things that every girl should experience in their lifetime. Girls do crafts, sing silly songs, camp, and learn life skills, but it’s more than that. Girl Scouts is for fun, but it’s also for becoming leaders and accomplishing big things. As I sat down to write this, I tried to remember what I remember most about being a young Girl Scout. We always had so much fun. My best friends were in Girl Scouts with me and we got to have experiences that I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. And that’s why, this week, we welcome almost 900 new girls to Girl Scouting – because the experiences they have as Girl Scouts will stay with them forever, and without it, they might not have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a guinea pig or bui…

    22 2013
  • Saving Lives Gone Gold

    By Kristi Pallack In October of last year, one of our Girl Scouts had to react fast when another student collapsed during band practice. Erika Yee, then 17, knew just what to do. By using continuous chest compression CPR, she was able to keep Chris alive until paramedics arrived on the scene. Things could have taken a different turn had she not learned this new skill earlier in the year at Girl Scout camp. Stunned that she was the only student out of 100 that knew how to respond in this situation, Erika knew what she had to do. Erika turned her incredible story into her Girl Scout Gold Award project, working in conjunction with the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center to provide Continuous-Chest-Compression CPR training to over 500 high school students throughout Tucson, with plans …

    21 2013
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